Premlata Agarwal – The Mountaineer who created history


Premlata Agarwal created a history at 48 years of age when most women feel they are old enough to retire. She is lucky enough to be a part of a supportive family. She always believed that fitness is much needed for one and all and hence took their daughters to TATA fitness centre.

There she got exposed to trekking expedition which was conducted close by. Later, TATA’s also conducted trekking adventure at TATA sports complex, Premlata participated and ended up coming third. She also wanted her daughters to get inclined towards adventurous sports. Incidentally, she met a mountaineer by the name Bachendri who inspired her to become a mountaineer herself.


She started mountaineering in 2000. The very first mountaineering adventure exposure she had was at Mt. Kilimanjaro which is in South Africa. That is when she felt that conquering Himalayas is what she should aim at. In 2011, Premlata set a world record of being the oldest to have climbed the Mount Everest. She has even climbed one of the most difficult Mt. Vinson in Antartica. So, she has covered The Himalayas, Mt. Vinson, Aconcagua, Mckinley, Elbrus and Kosciuszko. These together are called as the Seven summits.

She is one of the rarest examples from India. She could cherish her dreams due to her will power and family support. Like Premlata, there could be many such talented women who just need a little encouragement to fulfill their dreams. She has surely become a true source of inspiration for many women and has set a brilliant example in front of many that “It is indeed never too late in life”. This is a rocking story of a woman who was nobody till sometime back but her determination made her a popular inspiring figure on the global platform.

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