Priya Varadharajan and her Durga team members doing superbly in empowering many women

India is a country with huge population is well known to all of us. But how many of us are aware of the fact that nearly 100 women are getting sexually exploited daily in India and rape is the fourth major crime against women??


In this aspect of rape and sexual harassment what one organization is doing is simply superb. Organization named ‘’Durga’’ launched in the year 2013 by Priya Varadharajan in Bengaluru  is doing great work in empowering many women and fight against rape and sexual harassment. Many women and girls who came from cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune etc got benefited by this superb organization.

According to this Priya skill of the women is very important and addressing the crime at the first instance is very crucial. The theatre based workshops of Priya and her team have created great impact in the society. This is different from many other organizations that use the help of technology etc.

To make it easier for the women and girls role play, theatre games coupled with simulated learning are often used here by Priya and her team members.

It must be noted that this ‘’Durga’’ charges a fees of Rs 500 per person for a workshop of three hours and at present there are nine women team in places like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai etc and they are responsible for holding workshops in girls hostels, schools, colleges etc.

One amazing point to note is Priya and her team are also involved in setting of ‘’Durga’’ alarm in some BMTC buses to help women and girls. Priya also recollected some of the past and the pain she had while installing these alarms in BMTC buses as the process was tough. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology must feel proud that some of its students created alarms in BMTC buses that are now utilized by many women.

It must be noted that an initiative called ‘’ I claimed my space, I’m a Durga’’ on the bravery of many women against sexual harassment is inspiring many young college girls. Priya has been able to bring some start-ups so that funds could be got continuously to run this Durga effectively.

It must be noted that this ‘’Durga’’ has also joined hands with Indigo FM and TV channel named TV9 to showcase its work for the benefit of many women and girls. Apart from that ‘’Durga’’ organization is also started in Chennai and Mumbai.

It is said that the main problem in this society is the women community feeling shy to fight against sexual harassment and this ‘’Durga’’ would help these women and girls in fighting against sexual harassment and exploitation and provide them a secured life. Wow!! Hats off!!

Durga: website | facebook

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