Priyanka Yoshikawa- This 22 year old beauty has been crowned as Miss Japan 2016 and is simply superb


It is well known that racial inequality exists in many countries and has been thorn in the flesh for many. In this aspect what a girl named Priyanka Yoshikawa has achieved is really superb. It must be noted that this Priyanka Yoshikawa is half Indian and her Miss Japan title has caught the attention of many all over as it only last year a woman named Ariana Miyamoto received criticisms as she became first woman of black colour to represent the county of Japan.

The concept of racial equality is now restored by Priyanka Yoshikawa winning the title now. It is now brought out to light that before Ariana Miyamoto took the centre stage it was not possible for half Japanese girls to represent Japan.

It is great to note that this pretty Priyanka has got Bollywood looks that might have made huge impact on the judges and others at the event. According to this Priyanka Yoshikawa Ariana Miyamoto was inspirational to her and as well for other mixed woman in Japan. It must be noted that in the country of Japan racial discrimination is present and Priyanka who has an Indian father and Japanese mother wants to fight against this.

Priyanka Yoshikawa feels proud that she is half Indian and half Japanese. The shocking piece of information about this Priyanka is she was bullied for her mixed race and also due to her colour before and Arian also suffered the same before. By winning the title she has made many mixed colored people in Japan proud. Superb!!

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