Pro Waste- Revolutionizing Waste Management in Bengaluru

Pro Waste- Revolutionizing Waste Management in Bengaluru

Nupur Tandon believes garbage is actually useful waste. She is the woman leading the Bengaluru-based waste management company Pro Waste. The organization works on the simple but very meaningful principle that 100 percent of waste should be recycled. Why pile up landfills with dump that can actually be recycled?

Nupur believes that waste-management is a personal endeavor, and so for every piece of garbage a person is responsible. Very bitterly stated, correct? But garbage isn’t sugar-coated either, is it?

Elaborating about her pet-project Nupur said, “Pro waste was founded with a mission to change people’s habit of throwing waste, and instead segregating it and giving it to recycling centres. It is beyond just providing services; we aim at working at the ground level with the people. We stress on awareness, training, and efficient process until final disposal of all categories of waste and using correct technology.”

She reckons that if a person’s waste-management habits are correct, the production of waste would be far lesser. People need to feel responsible for the garbage they produce, and a habit needs to be inculcated that garbage is not to be thrown, it must be given instead, at recycling centers. Putting this theory into practice, Pro-Waste started with bulk-generators. Waste produced at these outlets can be recycled and so 100 percent of it should undergo the recycling process, so that the amount of dump that does finally make it to the landfill gets substantially reduced.

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