Proud moment towards a big step: Some important facts about first-ever ‘Space Shuttle’ test of ISRO

Proud moment towards a big step Some important facts about first-ever 'Space Shuttle' test of ISRO
Pic: Twitter

Well come Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) as they have successfully launched “Space Shuttle” which is fully “Made in India”.

It was launched on Monday morning on 23-May-2016 from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

The shuttle is called Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV-TD). This is also known as “Winged Flight Vehicle” which came back & landed on a virtual runway in the Bay of Bengal after its launch.

This is a kind of prototype of “Reusable Launch Vehicle” which ISRO is developing. The project cost was roughly around 100 Crore.

Though its final version may take a decade but this is a step toward developing reusable rockets.

For the testing purpose, ISRO made a shuttle which looked like a commercial plane. Though the length was kept very small about less than seven meters which weighed little over one and half tons.

Reason behind developing reusable technology is to reduce cost in space projects. Experts say if this becomes reality than ISRO will be able to cut down the space project cost by one tenth.

India’s successful test has attracted attention of NASA and other space agencies across the globe. As reported in media, NASA tried to do this in year 2011 but then abandoned the project. It is heard that some other countries like Japan, Russia and Europe are working on similar kind of projects.

We wish all the best to ISRO and are hopeful that like Orbit Mars they will be successful in this project as well.

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