Public – Private Places Where You Are Not Only Overcharged But Humiliated

We are presenting here a list of Modern India’s Public-Private places, mostly which are directly or indirectly promoted, funded or encouraged by Govt or Govt policies but they end up looting common man. As per our research these are the tops ones but there can be many more. Please do share your views, inputs on the same. Our purpose is to encourage you to stand and speak up against these bad social practices.

Airports – One Croissant and a Coffee at Airports can cost you Rs. 300+. Even after spending Rs. 300/- you may not get satisfaction of a roadside tea stall.

Overcharging at Airports - croissant and coffee


Malls – In Air Conditioned Malls you will end up buying costly things on names of “Sale”. Even you shop for Rs. 10,000/- still you need to pay for “Carry Bag”.

Overcharging at Malls


Malls – In most of the Malls, even you need to pay for Drinking Water 3 times of the printed or actual price.

Overcharging at Malls Buy Water


Railway Stations & Bus Stops – You will buy duplicate, half cooked, unhygienic items at price more than the MRP.

Overcharging at Railway and Bus stations-2


Overcharging at Railway and Bus stations

Source Photo: C. Suresh Kumar

Overcharging at Railway and Bus stations-3

Photograph: Christophe Archambault/AFP/Getty Images

Hospitals – They will over charge for Treatment, Room, Medical Test’s, Medicines, Care Taking and so on. Still not sure if the patient will be fine after treatment.

Overcharging at Hospitals


Overcharging at Hospitals-2


Overcharging at Hospitals-3


Schools – Most of the Private Schools are becoming Money Making Machines. Fee first education later. Schools charge you or rather over charge you under various heads. Nothing can help you. You have to pay whatever these law less schools will ask you to pay.

Overcharging at schools


Overcharging at schools2


Hotels – If you are Rich or on official trip, you can afford Hotel bills but what if you are medium class or stay in hotel at Personal expense? Hotels will overcharge you for every small thing. For a small milk glass for your kid they can charge you starting from Rs. 100/-. For a small Roti (Chapati/Indian Bread) they can charge as less as Rs. 40/-.

Overcharging at Hotels


Multiplexes – Your pop corns will cost you more than the movie ticket. Also buy atleast 2-3 water bottles at cost of around Rs. 100/-. They will not allow you to bring any food from outside even if you have any medical problem because they don’t understand your problem at all!!.

Overcharging at Multiplexes


Real Estate Builders – are given land at cheap rates by Govt to build affordable housing but do they do so? No. Not at all. They will buy personal houses worth crores, buy luxury cars, will have their photos appearing in Media, building other businesses. Builders give a damn for buyers. If you buy a 10 rupees mobile charge or insurance you have regulator to complain but even if you by 100 crores worth property there’s no regulation. You go to court, fight for years, and these builders will take all advantages of the legal system loop-holes.

Overcharging at Builders


Disclaimer: Above pictures are for representation only.

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