Punjab University Students help the birds this summer

Punjab University students are doing a wonderful feat of saving the birds and animals from the hot scorching heat this summer which is rising to new highs.They are placing water bowls inside their campus so that the birds and animals do not die due to rising mercury levels leading to dehydration and heatstroke.

Punjab University Students help the birds this summer
Representational Picture

The students with the collective effort from the  Centre for Social Welfare Department and Chandigarh chapter of Humane Society International have managed to do this task.They fill the earthen bowls with clean, drinking water.The volunteers of 25 departments have taken the responsibility of placing bowls at different places like student centre and hostels too and regularly fill it with water. Responsibility chart is also assigned to the volunteers.

They started off with keeping 100 bowls for the birds and now received 150 bowls to cater to the birds and animals and are expanding it in Sector 25 campus too.

It is an awesome humanitarian gesture and a perfect example for the other cities to follow suit and do their bit for the nature in protecting the wildlife from the hot sun.

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