Punjab Woman and Pro Wrestler BB Bull Bull’s fight

Punjab Woman and Pro Wrestler BB Bull Bull's fight

BB Bull Bull  is first professional woman wrestler from India . This occured during the recent event, which was held by a promotion and training school at the hub of Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) in Jalandhar ,Punjab It is an Indian independent Professional wrestling promotion and training school, that is based in Jalandhar. It was launched by former WWE superstar The Great Khali in 2015.

BB Bull Bull had challenged the crowd gathered to see the match to fight her. Kavita, dressed in yellow salwar kameez accepted her open challenge and went on the arena. Kavita is a former Haryana cop.She is the power-lifting and mixed martial arts champion.She knocked down the BB Bull Bull within minutes.There is a video portraying their fight which has gone viral and is currently a hit on social media.To counter act and take revenge Bull Bull has also fought with Kavita ,which is also gone viral on the net.

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