PuraniDiliTalkies: Smart Reply by a Girl to a Corporate “Boy”

PuraniDiliTalkies Smart Reply by a Girl to a Corporate Boy

Everyone is aware how men behave with female colleagues in Corporate offices. Most of the times they try to look through their clothes and do sexually harass office colleagues. Many girls keep their mouth shut and don’t take action. But time is changing now. Girls are getting courage. They are opening their mouth against all those people who try to exploit them.

In an another video, PuraniDiliTalkies have come up with a video where a male office colleague is trying to play smart in front of her office intern. For first few minutes, female intern is not able to understand what this idiot is saying but when she understands his intentions, she screws him badly.

Watch yourself. Next time no one will ever think about doing this to any girl. Do share your views after watching the video.


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