Radhakrishna Adiga, the owner of Brahmin’s cafe has made his cafe successful through his inspirational qualities


Radhakrishna Adiga was born in 1963 in Bangalore. The foundation of Brahmin’s cafe was laid by Sri K V Nageshwar Rao, Radhakrishna’s father. Radhakrishna has been a student of National College. He had interest in commerce as a student. Currently he also has a car rental business running successfully in Bangalore.

Radhakrishna Adiga is a successful entrepreneur as all the byproducts he use in his restaurant especially vegetables come from his agricultural land. In order to do so he purchased the land specially. Radhakrishna Adiga owes his inspiration to his mentor and guide Mr. Kannan. He says that the person gave him a direction when he had no idea what to do with his future and restaurant.


Radhakrishna Adiga is a philanthropist as well, he stays on the front scale, when it comes to social work. The eatery he is currently serving is situated in South Bangalore. He has promoted the Darshini culture of Bangalore. He has promoted the standard of eating and took it to a new level. It is his hard work that his restaurant is one of the best in the city.

Radhakrishna Adiga is surely a multi talented person as both his restaurant as well as his car rental business are running well. He is a religious man and thinks he has been successful only because of the teachings he learnt from his parents in his childhood days. His hard work and seriousness towards his job has made him a successful person.

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