Radhika Kowtha-Rao woman of all

Radhika Kowtha-Rao woman of all

Radhika Kowtha plays many roles. She is neither a corporate honcho nor a star entrepreneur, but a mother of three, dancer, cyclist, blogger and many more. Called as ‘Rads’ by her friends, Radhika says, “People think that I have Attention Deficit Disorder and wonder why I don’t stick to one path or career, but I love what I do”.

Life is always busy for Radhika. She has landed on few jobs, jumped from to another, learnt a lot, loved a few, hated some, tolerated some more through carpools, packing lunches, field trips, managing different schools and PTA activities.

Born in Madras, India, Radhika from childhood aspired to become a doctor but she did not. She, instead, studied Optometry at Sankara Nethralaya, wished to do Optometry in US but, the visas were rejected. So, her parents decided to marry her and she agreed. She moved to USA in 1997 with 2 kids after three years in Brussels. By managing her two kids and day-care problems, instead of studying medicine Radhika pursued an MS in Information Systems.

Radhika Kowtha-Rao woman of all

Radhika worked as a Data Analyst/DBA for some time and when she turned mother a third time, she took to blogging. It has been nine years since she started the blog and through it she enjoyed interacting with other women and learning from them.

Over the years, she has also been volunteering at her kids’ schools in running after-school programmes. By doing such volunteer works, Radhika started realizing she could work towards making an impact.

Whatever, Radhika does, she is absolutely passionate about it. She says the best way of exciting people to give their support for any cause and your vision is to be really get excited about it yourself. Your feeling might excite them as well and they might act on it too, she says.

Radhika Kowtha-Rao woman of all

Another leading campaign, Radhika did recently is Sari For Education. She started the campaign after stimulated by the ‘100 Saree Pact’ that was using social media to reach out to women to encourage them to wear saris and engage them in sharing the stories behind their saris. She went a step further and for every sari that Radhika wears, she puts aside some money, so at the end of the year she has a substantial amount to donate towards education of the girl child.

“After the school programmes”, “Education of girl child” and “Saris for Education” are some causes for which she’s putting her life heart and soul. At present she has taken the process of contributing to her native state of Tamil Nadu by collecting and sending supplies to the country.

This way Radhika enjoys the path wherever she lands and makes for a happier journey.

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