Raghav Bahl’s New Book: Super Economies

Super Economies Raghav bahl

Raghav Bahl is India’s Famous Businessman and Media tycoon. He has been famous for his books, programs and other initiatives. He’s cool, calm and knowledgeable person who often called ‘Rupert Murdoch of India’ will always impress his audience with his view point whether it’s on Business, Politics, Sports or current affairs.

In the past he has written famous book like “Super Power” which became very famous. Now, he has come up with his new book “Super Economies : America, India, China & The Future of the World (English)”. Following is the review of his book on Flipkart.

Our times are characterized not by estranged Superpowers building formidable arsenals but by engaged societies building a robust global economy. Emerging countries are redefining the geo-economic (And geopolitical) dynamic, in the new world order, a soaring GDP and a booming population are the true indicators of a nation’s strength. The twenty-first century will be led, Raghav Bahl says, by a handful of Super Economies-large, prosperous countries with a high growth rate, ranking among the world’s top trading partners, commanding 15 to 20 per cent of global GDP, having nuclear arms but using economic leadership to effect significant change.

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Super Economies Raghav bahl

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