Raghav Mehrotra – He’s a Musician who’s Impressed A.R. Rahman


Now, we and the world are already well-knowing of music maestro A.R. Rahman’s musical-genius. So naturally whatever the musician does or catches his eyes and ears, is ought to become news.So, when a 11-year-old’s kid talent got praises from A.R. Rahman himself, everybody else will sit up and notice.

Meet Raghav Mehrotra. His is the talent that has got A.R. Rahman raving about.

In fact, so impressed is he by Raghav’s musical-prowess that he decided to share the preteen boy’s talent via posting a video which shows Raghav performing a cover of What About Me by Snarky Puppy, a New York-based instrumental fusion band. In his rendition, Raghav is seen playing both the drums and guitar.

And if you’re thinking the boy’s talent may be a recent spurt then you’re highly mistaken. Log on to Raghav’s YouTube channel (yes, he has one!) and you will know that he is definitely a musical-prodigy in the making, whose caliber is brilliant.

A resident of Princeton, New Jersey, Raghav is endowed with superlative drumming skills, which can easily make him an object of envy for many known professional drummers.

Raghav has been musically-active since was just three-years-old, and since that time, the boy has rendered hundreds of songs!

His parents, Pooja and Gaurav Mehrotra, purchased him a mini drum set and from that time on he has only transformed into becoming better at his specialty. The young boy is also skillful playing the African djembe, Peruvian cajón drum, Latin bongo, and the tabla.

Noteworthy is the fact that Raghav also has the merit of being one of the youngest persons to tour with the School of Rock’s AllStars group – a coveted group comprising some of the best musicians from Schools of Rock across the country.

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