Raima Haorokcham is the founder of ‘Gojilove’, an online store for pleasurable product and luxurious intimate wearables

Raima Haorokcham holds a Post Graduation degree in advertising and marketing. The lady has gone beyond the narrow thinking mental capacity of the society and has introduced ‘Gojilove’ to people. It is an online store for pleasurable intimate products that helps to make the sex life of people better and moreover control the problems like population increase.


Recently Raima has added to her online store, the fashionable wears as well. She believes that the society hardly appreciates products like these and people remain ignorant. In order to help people grow, she has come out with the launch. According to Raima the most crucial part of her setting up venture was to bring people at work and make them understand the essence of business.

Raima Haorokcham thinks most important of all is to stay motivated and even if the confidence gets lower at times, one should always keep moving. She wants to bring out the customer satisfactory products with a good cause. The firm is still working on improving the quality of the product and increasing the delivery speed.

Raima Haorokcham belongs to Manipur and has landed in the market with an online form one of its kind. She wanted to see a change in the society and she as stood out for one. She is an inspirational entrepreneur in her own way. She looks forward to welcome more innovative products which can favor customer satisfaction and their sales.

Raima Haorokcham, you are truly inspiring!

Gojilove: website | facebook

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