Raja Naik- a man who was once a school dropout has business worth 60 crores now

Raja Naik- a man who was once a school dropout has business worth 60 crores now

Many amazing things happen in this world that are unimaginable but true. The story of Raja Naik is one such that would create great impact on many of us and would inspire us to become successful in our lives.

It must be noted that this Raja Naik was very poor during his childhood days in Bangalore. His father did not have steady income that could provide education for his and his four siblings. Making both ends meet it was very difficult. It is said that inspite being a dalit he never faced any problems.

It is said that this Raja Naik was inspired by the film named ‘’Trishul’’ that was released in the year 1978. In that film the hero form being poor would later become a real estate baron and this made Raja Naik to think in those lines and was confident that one day in the future he too would become successful.

Initial days were never easy and smooth fro Raja and in the year 1998 he founded MCS Logistics. Apart from that he also founded Akshay Entreprises that deaks in corrugated packing, Jala beverages that produces drinking water, Purple Haze in Bengaluru. Apart from these he was also involved in establishing Nutri Planet that is doing great work with the famous CFTRI Mysore.

It is now said that Raja Naik total turnover is of Rs 60 Crores got from above companies that have become popular. His schools and colleges for underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of the society is highly applauded by many for its outstanding work. His post as president of Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and industries is responsible in making the Dalits aware of the opportunities present for them.

Raja Naik recollected his younger days when he was struggling to create impact. His friend Deepak helped him in a small business of selling Tshirts on the footpaths. Raja Naik discontinued his studies and started his business venture by selling Tshirts which he and his best friend Deepak got from Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu.

A footpath shop set up by these two friends outside the famous Bosch office attracted many customers. It must be noted that Rs 5000 was made as profit by them and it motivated them to go on further. Now having established in this clothes venture these two friends wanted to make more money and got involved in Kolhapuri chappals business.

Then in the year 1991 Raja Naik ventured into corrugated packing business named ‘’Akshay Enterprises’’ with another person.

Raja Naik’s good presence of mind helped him reap rich dividends in his real estate business as real estate was booming well at that time. He is of the opinion that taking risks could bring more positive results in the business field. In this discriminating society his amazing success story is sure to open the eyes of many in the future. Hats off sir!!

Raja Naik: Website

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