Rakshit Shetty is the star behind ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’, the successful Kannada movie


Rakshit Shetty is the star of SOLS, which is today’s biggest Kannada hit of all the times. The movie became viral on all the social networking sites be it YouTube or Facebook within a short span of time of its release. Rakshit Sherry no doubt became famous worldwide in a few days, but he still is grounded to earth and is a simple man by nature. The man says he is good away from the limelight as he has a long way to go and numerous dreams to achieve.

Rakshit Shetty is a fine director as well. He believes the process of direction involves researching and production, however acting is also a complex task as one has to portray the characters and bring in the feelings for that particular character. He looks forward to direct movie once in every three years. He is also working on the direction of ‘Ulidavaru Kandante.’ He wants the movie to create an everlasting expression in people’s minds.


Rakshit Shetty wants people to notice the varities of cultures of Karnataka. He has also been a student of engineering, but all his heart wanted was theatre and pursue his passion. He remembers he failed many times and went through unsuccessful movies but that is what brought him experience and made him a successful director and actor.

Rakshit Sherry believes failures always mould us a person in both a negative and a positive fashion. He wants to feel what audience wants to watch and he thinks this leads him to produce and direct efficient movies. He likes to make short films, one of them being ‘Confession of a dustbin.’ The IT expert, has pursued his passion and is now amongst the successful directors of India.

Rakshit Shetty: Facebook

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