Ramesh Raskar-This associate professor from Media Arts and Sciences at MIT has won 500,000 dollars for his discoveries and he is marvellous

Pic: betaboston.com

Camera Culture Research Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, USA aims in creating new class of imaging platform that exceeds human ability. This group also aims to create meaningful abstractions within the range of human comprehensibility. It was co-founded by Ramesh Raskar who has become the subject of discussion now.

Ramesh Raskar is also an associate professor at the Media Arts and Sciences at MIT and is regarded highly by his colleagues as well as his students there. The highly acclaimed Lemelson-MIT prize was given to this Ramesh Raskar for his superb contributions and is great. This special prize which carries an amount of $ 500,000 is given for those inventors who have contributed superbly in science, technology engineering and mathematics fields or STEM.

Ramesh Raskar whose Femto photography is highly appreciated for being ultra-fast imaging that can see around the corners is superb. Ramesh Raskar shared his thoughts and said his invention Femto photography was special. Ramesh also spoke about how one would be able to move through fog and read a book without the need of opening. He spoke about the principles that are associated with the scattering of light. Ramesh Raskar threw light on how his robotics and imaging background was responsible for his new invention.

Ramesh Raskar later shared his thoughts on many inventions like telephone, X-ray etc that have changed the lives now. He also gave some of his future plans like creating peer-to-peer learning platforms etc that would be sensational as it would change the age old tradition of learning process. Awesome Ramesh Raskar!!

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