Ramjit Yadav: Age No Bar for 60 Years Old to Save 15 Lives

Ramjit Yadav of Dallapati village in Mirzapur district

A 60 years old man Ramjit Yadav  of Dallapwati village in Mirzapur district which is around 250 Km East of lucknow, is a strong man with firm determinations. He has directions for his life in his mind. He does not live his life in fear. What makes him brave is his willingness to live through life’s difficulties. He is a milkman in Uttar Pradesh and he rescued 15 children from drowning in the Ganga. Yadav’s act of bravery has turned him into a hero in his and nearby villages.

In the time of emergency, he built up guts to do anything for the children and was also ready to face the worst consequences. As per his daily routine, he boarded a boat with his cans of milk to go to Mirzapur town to earn his livelihood, situated across the Ganga. Similarly, 15 children also boarded the boat to reach their school in Rampur. In the mid-way, the boat started listing and take water and the boatman lost the control over the boat, which put the lives of all on board into the threat. The students were crying and shouting for help.

No matter how long we train ourselves to be brave; we never know if we are brave or not until something real and terrifying happens. A terrible situation was in front of Ramjit Yadav who is a good swimmer since the age of 12, determined to rescue the students. Yadav caught hold of one of them and asked the others to cling on to him as he swam across the river. Some people on the bank saw him doing tireless efforts for rescuing the students and jumped into the water to pull all of them to safety.

Despite being so elderly in age, his spirited efforts to save the children and spread humanity selflessly, the magistrate of Mirzapur district, Rajesh Kumar Singh, announced the felicitation of Yadav by the Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav. As Ramjit Yadav prevented a big tragedy from happening, he proved that we all should not feel weak or cry in terrible/ frightening situations, instead be brave and fight confidently.

Based on Story Published in HT

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