Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture ” speech truly inspiring !

Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture speech truly inspiring
Pic: cs.virginia.edu

In the year 2006 , Randolph Frederick aka Randy Pausch, an American professor of computer science at CMU Pennsylvania discovered that he had pancreatic cancer –a terminal illness.The doctor had left hope and he was left with only 3 months to live.But Pausch continued to live 3 more years .Yes and he inspired millions of people from around the world to follow their dreams.

Post a year after he was diagnosed with cancer Pausch gave a cheerful lecture at Carnegie Mellon, called “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” . It was an instant hit on YouTube and led to more media attention.

In his famous speech, Pausch featured his childhood dreams, and explained how he managed to achieve each of them which included being in zero gravity, playing in the National Football League, being the author of a World Book Encyclopedia article, meeting and being Captain Kirk, being a guy who won a big stuffed animal in the amusement park and becoming a Disney Imagineer-The lecture gave an inspirational life lesson.He also co-authored a book named “The Last Lecture” on a similar theme.However,he died in year 2008, but his legacy continues to inspire people.

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