Rangu Souriya: Brave Woman saves more than 8000 girls from flesh trade

Rangu Souriya Brave Woman saves more than 8000 girls from flesh trade

In this cynical world we often fear that humanity is dead. This story may prove our fears on the same to be unfounded. Rangu Souriya looks like any normal woman from Panighatta, situated in the Darjeeling hills of north Bengal. She however has managed to save more than 8000 girls from flesh trade and continues to strive to save many more. These girls were trafficked from places in the north east like Sikkim, north Bengal, Nepal and Assam and sold into bonded labor or flesh trade.

Rangu Souriya has managed to rescue many and to restore them back to the world to lead normal lives. She was a college student in Darjelling government collage when she heard about the plight of these poor girls and made it her life mission to rescue them. These girls were mostly under 18 and are usually sold to brothels all over the country. Most of these girls were under 18 and are usually kept under heavy medication to rape them more than 20 times a day.

This brave lady took on the initiative and began to rescue these poor girls in the year 2004 when she started working in a NGO named Kanchanjunga Uddhar Kendra. Her determination and steely reserve has been the sole reason for the safety of many girls who were trafficked and kidnapped and bounded into flesh trade. This has not been an easy life for her she receives regular death threat and offered large sums of money but she has been unmoved. She has even put in her own money by selling her cows into rescuing these girls. Her great work has earned her Godfrey Phillips Social Bravery Award and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s Women Achievers’ Award – 2009. She says that her life mission is to eliminate this trade altogether. In contrast to all the violence and hatred seen around the world she comes as a breath of fresh air and a much needed lifeline for humanity.

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