Ranjeet: He wanted to become a sportsperson, got selected for Air Force but finally destined to become an Actor that too a Villain


People who have watched Hindi movies way back in the year 1970’s and 1980’s will get scare the moment they will hear the name “Ranjeet”. He played villain in many films. In most of the films his reel name was also Ranjeet.

When he was acting and was unmarried, he struggled to get married as “Parents refused to marry their daughters to him” because of his role as a villain in reel life.

In actual life Ranjeet is a nice person and very kind hearted. Whosoever has worked with him acknowledges him as one of the friendly and hardworking actor.

Like any other youngster Ranjeet was also confused with his career options. Initially he wanted to be sports person. He played soccer and wanted to pursue the game as a career.

Later when he saw his friends joining Air Force he did that too. He followed the procedure and got selected for training as an air force cadet. Due to some reasons he was expelled from the Training. It is said that he got romantically involved with the instructor’s daughter.

But destiny had some other plans for him. He met with a UK-based film enthusiast named Ronnie Singh at a party in Delhi and was offered a role in film. He lied to his parents and went to Mumbai to act in films. That’s how his journey for Bollywood and Hindi cinema started.

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