Rashika Joshi: Bigger at Heart than Age, broke her “Piggy” and “Donated for Farmers”

Rasika Manohar Joshi

The best thing an artist can do for his/her fans is to stay as true to oneself as much as possible and portray the truth about oneself always because  the fans count on them to make wise decisions and wise choices.

Similarly, a 9 year old child Rashika Joshi, student of Nagpur’s Bhavan’s Bhagwandas Purohit Vidya Mandir School got inspired by her favorite actor Aamir Khan’s donation of 11 lakh to Chief Minister’s rural water conservation programme. Aamir Khan is her role model and wanted to get a photo clicked with Maharashtra’s Chief Minister like Aamir Khan got one clicked for the same cause. Hence, Rashika made a wise decision of helping farmers of the state as much as possible.

The small wonder, desperate to give her share of contribution for the crisis among farmers in Maharashtra decided to donate the contents of her piggy bank for the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. It was a very big gesture at this tender age. The girl met the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis and made sure that her precious contribution is used for the farmers only who are hit by drought, on which the CM assured that irrespective of the amount in piggy bank would reach to farmers.

For the third year in a row, the Marathwada region of Maharashtra has been battered  by drought due to which around 700 farmers have committed suicide this year. Natural disasters can only be dealt with human generosity and helping each other irrespective of age, sex, creed and caste. Mr. Manoj Joshi and Rajeshri, parents of Rashika Joshi proves that selfless nature needs no age by stating an incident where Rashika has asked her five other friends in school to make contribution and her friends have also agreed to donate their respective piggy banks. In her school group discussion, she chose “help everyone” as the topic..

The Chief Minister tweeted and thanked the little girl for this innocent gesture.

Devendra Fadnavis Tweet on Rashika

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