Ray Lewis – This former football linebacker of Baltimore Ravens gave inspirational post match speech and is fantastic


Ray Lewis born in the year 1975 in Florida, USA is a renowned football linebacker who in his entire 17 year old career played for just one team ‘’ Baltimore Ravens’’ and is sensational. It must be noted that he played for his college football team for the University of Miami and was cynosure of many eyes with his remarkable skills.

One superb piece of news about him is this Ray Lewis was given the prestigious ‘’All America’’ honours for his superb displays in the game of football and he is really amazing player. As a middle linebacker he was regarded as one of the best to play at that position.

It is great that he is regarded as the greatest Baltimore Ravens player in the history. It is important to note that in the AFC 2012 game versus New England Patriots Baltimore Ravens did not perform well and they lost that game. It was so close game for this Baltimore Ravens team versus New England Patriots team.

At this point of time Ray Lewis gave his motivational speech in the locker room. Ray Lewis words ’’we fought as a team’’ and ‘’we got to come back and go to work’’ were sensational and very effective that in the next season this Baltimore Ravens fought back superbly against the same New England Patriot team to beat them. Superb Ray Lewis!!

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