Re-imagining #FairStart: What happens when a child is denied one?

Re-imagining #FairStart What happens when a child is denied one

UNICEF India released the Public Advocacy Campaign Fair Start film as part of its social media campaign which portrays the persisting inequalities faced by children in India.

UNICEF has made series of impactful films which provides indepth view into the lives of millions of children from different backgrounds, who have full potential but who lack comforts in their life thus affecting their survival, growth and development.These kids are less likely to grow up healthy and safe, may not be able to attend school and  learn, and more likely they might be even married away as children.

The Chief, Advocacy & Communication, UNICEF India Caroline Den Dulk, feels that these films help in portraying the intensity of the issue.

She feels every child deserves a fair start in his/her life and deserves proper nutrition, education, sanitation, protection and health care irrespective of their caste, religion, ethnicity, gender, poverty levels, region they are born. The campaign  aims at drawing attention to the lives of the numerous children who are deprived of these basic rights and engaging everyone to contribute and  bring a change in the lives of these children.

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