Record of Sorts – 75 Households and 47 IAS Officers!


To clear the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) exam is one of the most difficult things to do. And in spite of knowing this very well, the numbers of aspirants willing to appear for the exams is always on the plus-side.

It is believed that less than 0.004 percent of the people who write the IAS exam every year make it to the finish-line.

If you go by the aforementioned statistic it wouldn’t be hard to do the math as to how many aspirants actually succeed in their endeavor to become IAS-personnel.

But if you ever happen to come to the village of Madhopatti in Uttar Pradesh, the villagers will tell you a different story.

Reason being, in this village that has 75 households, however — there are as many as 47 IAS officers.

The good fortunes of this village do not just end there. Madhopatti holds the unique record for four brothers who have all passed the exam. These four brothers’ names are, in descending order of age, Vinay Kumar Singh, Chatrapal Singh, Ajay Kumar Singh, and Shashikant Singh. Vinay Kumar, the eldest, cleared the exam in 1955. At the time of retirement, he was the chief secretary of Bihar. And Chatrapal was the chief secretary of Tamil Nadu.

If you ask to the local populace here the youths have the fetish for IAS, they will tell you that peer-pressure and competition are the influential factors.

“You will find students studying in intermediate, going through guide books for IAS and PCS examinations. They start young and also try to brush up on their English since the medium of education in most schools here is still Hindi,” quoted Arvind Kumar, a local teacher.

With so many IAS officers populating one village, you’d obviously expect the village to have transformed into a well-to-do area. But the truth is miles away from that. Even though the number of people from this village who have made it to India’s elite government service, basic amenities are still absent from the village. Roads are potholed, power-supply is irregular, medical care is very elementary, and what’s more, there are still no coaching institutes for IAS aspirants.

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