Republic Day Special: PM Modi to Personally Greet every Policeman in the Country

Republic Day Special PM Modi to Personally Greet every Policeman in the Country

The upcoming Republic Day is going to be a very special occasion for every policeman in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed intent for sending his greetings to each and every policeman on the day.

This rather innovative initiative taken by the government will see, for the first time ever, the PM reaching out to each one of the 18-lakh-strong police-force of the country. All of them will receive a SMS-text from the PM himself.

The PM will be making personal contact with each of the policeman, be it the Director General of Police or constable.

This particular desire was expressed by Modi himself during his recently-concluded three-day meet with DGPs, organized in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

For this initiative to be successful, the PM has asked all states’ DGPs to compile and prepare a listing comprising of the contact information of all policemen. The list will be prepared and forwarded before 26 January so that the PM can send out text-messages on Republic Day.

An initiative of such kind is the first of sorts, wherein a Prime Minister will directly contact all the policemen all over the country.

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