Researchers have created this creepy-as-hell model to promote road safety

Researchers have created this creepy-as-hell model to promote road safety

Meet Graham , life-like humanoid model  by Australia’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to haunt our darkest part of the mind and ensure people drive safely on the roads.

Creepy Graham is developed with the help of a leading trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield, TAC who partnered with crash investigator David Logan from the Monash University Accident Research to create the design for Graham. The model itself was created by renowned Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinni.

It is a representation of what humans would look like if our bodies were designed to withstand the force of car crashes. Graham has thicker skull, no neck, ribs reaching up to skull,flat face with fatty tissues, bizarre alien-like legs with extra joints all these to avoid injuries in a crash or accidents.

This novel exercise is developed to awareness of the vulnerability of the human body, and to remind the public that we’re just not made to survive car crashes. Joe Calafiore,TAC CEO feels people never realise the speed and force when a collision occurs.This will clearly portray the impact and helps us understand about road systems and the need to protect ourselves.

The need of the hour for everyone is to  drive safely, or the image of Graham is going to haunt us forever.

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