Rhys McAdam- He gave up swimming and taekwondo for the sake of playing rugby and is superb

Rhys McAdam- He gave up swimming and taekwondo for the sake of playing rugby and is superb
Pic: dailytelegraph.com.au

How many of us would do what Rhys McAdam has done in his life? That is leaving the current activity to concentrate more on his/her passion. He gave up swimming and taekwondo so that he could concentrate more in playing Rugby with total dedication and is now doing superbly as a rugby player. Remarkable isn’t it!!

A the national PSSA titles in Canberra in Australia this Rhys McAdam of age just 12 represented New South Wales or NSW and was the cynosure of many eyes there. It must be noted that mother Elizabeth McAdam nominated this Rhys for the prestigious award titled ‘’Young Sporting Spirit’’.

The superb news about this boy is he played with the Sydney West representative side and his team was not defeated in any of the matches. His superb leadership skills have caught many people’s attention and he is praised for that. He is also totally dedicated to playing rugby. His mother Elizabeth felt very happy and proud of her son who is so supportive to all his team mates.

It is now brought to light that this Rhys McAdam would spend hours together to know the details about NRL players by means of googling and he would also keep a close eye on the players ways of playing. The superb piece of news is this Rhys McAdam would analyse his playing after each and every game to improve his skills to become a complete player. His favourite teams are Panthers and Bulldogs and he wants to play for them one day in the future. Superb Rhys McAdam!!

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