Roy Wadia – a famous journalist’s perspective to life and career


Roy Wadia has travelled across the world for work. He is a popular journalist who have been hired by the best of the NGO’s to work for causes like AIDS, Bird flu etc. He was born and brought up in Mumbai and came from a good family background.

He always felt out of place in India and wanted to move out. He did his BA in English literature and pursued MBA from SP Jain institute, Mumbai. As fate would have it, he then moved to USA to pursue a degree in journalism from University of Georgia and also fell in love with Alan who he married in Canada later as the same sex marriage was legal there.

He got recruited with CNN and was based out of Atlanta and did a lot of international news coverage for them. He also for the first time reported the AIDS prevalence in South East Asian countries. He worked for 11 years but quit the job to do something else but what exactly he himself was not aware.

He was hired by WHO in China to work on AIDS awareness, SARS and bird flu. He worked for these causes for a long time only to move to Canada to work for British Columbia. He has now returned back to India and is working on AIDS project with an NGO and also for some UN agencies. He lost his brother Riyadh to AIDS at a very early age of 36.

He never took any medication and died very early. Riyadh was also a gay but was very proud of his sexuality and likings. He even made the first every gay film in India by the name BOMgay. The movie became too popular and grabbed the international attention as well.

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