RSS leader, Siddhi Nath Singh, changes fortunes of a Muslim village

RSS leader, Siddhi Nath Singh, changes fortunes of a Muslim village

With much of dedication and devotion, Siddhi Nath Singh, regional head for Bihar and Jharkhand and the chairperson of RSS’ social development wing, has brought in changes in the lives of every youth in Hafua and set communal harmony in the village.

Some 20 years back, Hafua, around 70 km north of capital Ranchi, was notorious for its high crime rate. Police had a special eye on the village. Majority of the people in Hafua were involved in snatching incidents and bank robberies in Ranchi and Ramgarh. The villagers owned large areas of land, but the elders never worked in the fields instead they were indulged in fighting with anyone over ‘nothing’ and showed their supremacy in the region. Children did turn up to school.

RSS leader, Siddhi Nath Singh, changes fortunes of a Muslim village

Singh was an engineer turned an entrepreneur. He was researching on storage of rain in the village. Once, he came across few parents worrying about their young children’s future. He met the youth; he noticed their ability of doing things. But, they lacked in proper guidance and education. He then invited them to his engineering firm and trained them.

The village youth learnt repairing heavy machines in less time with ease. For the past 15 years, Singh has been providing skill training to about 150 men, who are working now across India and in the Gulf, earning handsome salaries and in turn helping their families.

It is obvious, to see the change in the village. Now, the village children are going to school and the standard of living of villagers have also improved to a large extent.

Siddhi Nath Singh stands as an epitome of religious harmony at a time when some feel that the country has grown intolerant. He is like a God to the villagers.

The most important thing to be noted is for the last 10 years, Hafua residents do not have any criminal case. They have learnt to earn a living with pride and with dignity.

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