Ruchita Zaparde: Proud Indian American

Ruchita Zaparde Proud Indian American

Youngsters’ coming forward to do good deeds for their communities is a trend that has always been encouraged, applauded and awarded. And this is an inspiring occurrence, a source of motivation for the youth to feel dutiful and recognize the beautiful this that community-service really is!

In the US of A, several Indian-American youngsters are pro-actively involved in doing community-service and the best part is, their works aren’t going unwatched or unrewarded. At a recent concert-do organized late-November this year, an Indian-American girl named Ruchita Zaparde was chosen as recipient for the Nickelodeon HALO Award.

Ruchita, a resident of Plainsboro, won the HALO for her initiative called ‘Sew a Future’. The 18-year-old-girl has been associated with doing something useful for the needy, especially widows, whose plight particularly affected her during one of her trips to India. That’s when she decided to set up ‘Sew a Future’ an outlet which promises to provide financial stability for them by turning them into seamstresses.

Ruchita does her act of nobility by recognizing needy widows in India, supplies them with sewing machine and essentials, and further gets them connected with other fund-raising youths in the US.

Till date, over 200 families have been pulled out of poverty with the help of this initiative, with aid pouring in by efforts pitched by 1400 students across 30 states.

For those in the dark, The Nickelodeon HALO Awards is an awards-ceremony which takes place to identify and honor the good, special deeds done by real-life kids in their communities. As reward, the awardee receives a grant as well as scholarship funds. The icing on the cake of course, is the fact that the awardee also wins a special chance to meet and interact with celebs that share similar affinity for community-service.

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