Rustam Sengupta solves some of the biggest global challenges through Boond


Rustam Sengupta is the founder and CEO of social enterprise Boond. The mission of the social enterprise is to solve some of the biggest global challenges such as providing sufficient lighting, clean drinking water and pest control affecting the remote areas of India.

Rustam is a man who has plenty of experience through his education, travelling, hobbies and career. He is MBA graduate from INSEAD and also Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. He has lived across three continents and worked in banking and consulting for companies like Standard Chartered Bank (in Singapore), Syngenta (in Switzerland), ICOS Vision Systems in Belgium and Deloitte Consulting (in the US).

His hobbies are acting and directing plays and is also an enthusiastic traveler who has been to over 35 countries in all the occupied continents of the world.


He quit his finance job in September 2009, since then Rustam has been working with NGOs, manufacturers and villagers to design and develop the Boond products, model and supply chain.

Boond developed something called the ‘Boond Development Kit’ consisting of a solar lamp, water filter (a 22-litre double candle ceramic water filter with two chambers separated by a ceramic membrane; advantages: roots out 90 per cent bacteria and very much suited to pond water) and mosquito net at a highly-subsidized cost with the help of distribution partners in India’s remotest areas, NGOs, social investors, micro finance institutions and banks.


Boond ensures that the products match the needs of the community through rural feedback based designs that are often extremely tough and need low maintenance and has a low cost commission based peer to peer sales model.

The site of Boond says, “Our major focus is to provide appropriate& customized solar solutions across the spectrum of various communities, sectors and geographies”.

More than 50,000 people in remote villages of Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi NCR and UP over the past two years through the service rendered by Boond. For such achievements, the social has won a number of awards (Economic Times Power of Ideas 2010, Nokia DLD Global Challenge, and UN Women).

Rustam has the vision to impact lives of a million people with better and cleaner energy by the end of this year.

Rustam Sengupta : Web Site | Facebook

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