Rustom is reflection of our society: All lessons you need to learn from the movie

Rustom is reflection of our society All lessons you need to learn from the movie

Always get public sympathy. Commander Rustom Pavri was able to get public sympathy which helped him a lot in creating perception for the jury to decide his case.

Media is game changer. Whether media is with you or against you can make a lot of difference. In this case media was with Rustom Pavri and presented his case very strongly through various news articles.

An investigation officer’s job is to investigate the case without any bias. Inspector Vincent Lobo feels hurt after losing a game with Commander Rustom Pavri. To settle the score his investigation just focuses on finding some proof against Rustom Pavri. He gets the proof but that was just to make Rustom Pavri’s case weaker.

Someone should not interfere in anyone else’s life. Priti Makhija tries hard to spoil life of Rustom Pavri. She helps her brother Vikram Makhija to make physical relations with Commander Rustom Pavri’s wife Cynthia.

Be careful when you make friends. Rustom Pavri was a Naval Officer whereas Vikram Makhija was a famous & rich businessman.  They become friends but they had huge financial status gap and diverse life styles which becomes reason for split between these two.

This is true that people love sensational news. A young boy used to sell newspapers by calling sensational headlines of the day. People feel curious to know about high profile cases.

Sympathy works a lot. When you do something people will not look at the method rather they will look at the reason. Rustom kills Vikram as he had affair with Rustom’s wife. Rustom Pavri gets all sympathy from common people.

Some people think that they can buy anything with money. But there are few things which money can’t buy. Rustom Pavri was an honest officer and he turns down the offer of bribe from Vikram Makhija.

Jamnabai (housemaid maid at Rustom Pavri) knew all wrong doings of Cynthia Pavri. When she is called in the witness box she says that she doesn’t know whether Rustom Pavri has killed Vikram Makhija or not but if he has done this he has done right thing. It shows that one can’t hide his/her sins.

There’s no doubt that there’s a big nexus of corruption. This movie also shows that Rustom doesn’t any place to complain when he comes to know about corruption in a defence deal. Right from his seniors, business people and ministry, almost everyone was deep rooted into corruption.

People spoil their life because of the intention of taking revenge. Vikram Makhija was slapped hard by Rustom Pavri. To take the revenge Vikram Makhija develops physical relations with Rustom Pavri’s wife which leads to killing of Vikram Makhija himself.

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