Ryan Pandya of Muufri: Indian American Entrepreneurs’ ‘Artificial Milk’ Wins Award

Ryan Pandya of Muufri Artificial milk

Have you ever imagined of a future where we humans would no longer need to be dependent on animals for dairy produce? Okay, this seemingly hypothetical question has an actual answer. Thanks to a group of brainy Indian entrepreneurs, there may be a future approaching wherein we could be seeing ourselves using artificial milk, produced sans animals. And this very unique thought has been rewarded Dutch sustainability prize of 20,000 Euros.

Muufri is the Name

Based in the Silicon Valley, Muufri is the name of the startup which helms the produce of artificial milk. This unique endeavor got further recognition after it was declared as winner of the runners-up prize at the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2015 – which the world’s largest and coveted competition for sustainability innovation.

The Making Process

The generation of artificial milk is done without animals. The process of ‘brewing’ comes into play for the purpose. Muufri has identified the necessary nutrients, already present in dairy products, and combine it with the milk of the future.

Makers of Muufri

Muufri came into being in 2014 after bio-engineers Ryan Pandya, Perumal Gandhi, and Isha Datar got their heads together to invent a gem of an idea that would help in decreasing our dependence on animals for milk.

Good for Ecology

The method of producing artificial milk is believed to have a good influence of the environment. The technique used by Muufri discounts the greenhouse gas emissions by up to 65 percent, than compared to commercial dairy farming.

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