Saanya Verma, 11, achieves maximum Mensa IQ test score

Saanya Verma – She is the highest scorer in Mensa IQ test

To be intelligent is great, but to be intelligent owing to a genius-IQ means you’re truly gifted. One such individual belonging to the latter category is Saanya Verma. She’s of 11 years old, and the bright-brained has topped in the world’s most coveted and recognized IQ-test – the MENSA. Saanya scored 162, digits which is the highest possible score achievable on a MENSA test, which has been possibility for just one percent of the world’s entire population.

Getting a score of 162 in her very first tryst in MENSA, Saanya has taken the intellectual-circles by a storm. She got the highest possible scores in the Mensa test  (Cattell IIIB scale– 162 and Culture Fair scale – 142). Mensa Supervised test sessions presently include two test papers. One is diagrammatical whereas other measures largely verbal reasoning ability. Criterion for getting an invitation to MENSA is a top 2% score on either. Saanya’s highest-IQ histrionics have catapulted her to top one percentile across the world.

Studying in an independent school North-West London, UK, Saanya is a 7th grader, and already has an array of choices and interests lined up for her as far as studies are concerned.  A consistent performer, Saanya has been an exceptional performer academically.

And it’s not only studies that Saanya is passionate about. She has interest in music and relishes playing chess.  Furthermore, sciency stuff such as the cosmos, and math are a hit for her. And when she’s not occupied in any of the aforementioned interests, you may find her reading a book, as she is an avid reader. Her line-up of favorite books includes Harry Potter Series, Hunger Games Series, Winds of Change and The Alex Rider Series, to name a few.  And she also devotes good amount of time tackling robotics and electronics. In fact, off-late, Saanya has been devising codes for the robots (Lego Mindstorms) and electronic instruments (Arduino).

Saanya Verma – She is the highest scorer in Mensa IQ test

Career-wise, Saanya has her eyes fixed on a establishing a career as a scientist, mathematician, biogenetics, robotics, and economist or she may give a shot at banking (like her father.)

Saanya’s parents obviously feel immense pride about her achievements and capabilities. Her mother, Sunita Pati Verma, a HR & Recruitment professional, was quoted saying “It has been a proud moment for us and I think it’s an equally proud moment for the community that has provided her with the support and encouragement to achieve these unique objectives.”

Saanya’s father, Sunil Verma, is equally elated for his daughter’s doings. And more so because, the father-daughter duo spend a lot of quality time together talking science and robotics. Saanya’s questions and reasoning-skills have often put him in a spot, he admits. But he feels proud that his daughter has the acumen to surprise him. “We are proud of her and are constantly challenged by her.”

The maturity and extent of Saanya’s elite-IQ is also well-reflected by her choice of her favorite quote: “Two possibilities exist; either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C Clark

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