Saarang 2016: A celebration of life and humanity by Madras IITians

Saarang 2016 A celebration of life and humanity by Madras IITians

Excelling by serving the best education, technology and research to the nation, IIT Madras also is organizing a cultural and social festival every year, naming it as Saarang to showcase culture and talent of the artists from Chennai as well as from various parts of our country. This year Saarang is a celebration of life and humanity.

The festival is a five-day long event usually held in the second week of January every year.  The week-long festival is organized by the students and events in every field of art, dance, music, apart from literary events and group events like Scavenger Hunt will take place. Separate events for spectators also are organized in various stalls.

The festival has become so popular among college students as nearly 50,000 students from various colleges across South India participate in the festival every year. The wide variety of cultural events, dance shows, music shows and the competitions it hosts has popularized the show.

Earlier, in the early 1970s, every year a cultural week was held in a simple manner. Later in 1974-75 it was named Mardi Gras. The aim of the festival was to promote interest in literary and cultural activities and to develop the organizational skills of the students. The festival became very popular and was renamed to ‘Saarang’ in 1996 to give it a more ‘Indian’ theme.

Themed as “The Grand Voyage”, this year Saarang is planned from the 6th to the 10th of January. It looks the stage of this year’s Saarang will be set with blazing performances of the most talented artists like Vishal-Shekhar, Rukmini Jayakumar, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and DJs from Mars.

Saarang gives a beautiful experience to all who take part in the festival like the students, audience and participants. As the students show their excellent organizational capabilities, participants use the stage to show their best talents, while for the audience it is an experience of a lifetime.

This year Saarang is going to be a little different as the IITians have planned to donate the funds collected from the music fest for the Chennai flood relief and rehabilitation.

This way, the IITians will show to the nation that Chennai is as strong as and would never leave the people of Chennai to suffer.

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