Sad news!! India’s first elephant village ‘’Haathi Gaon’’ is a neglected place

Sad news!! India’s first elephant village ‘’Haathi Gaon’’ is a neglected place

Haathi Gaon in Rajasthan is first in India and world’s third elephant village ever. The year 2010 saw the starting of this elephant village in Rajasthan and since then it is a superb tourist spot. Initially few trees were planted but in the last six years the frequent cutting down of trees for fire woods by the villagers has resulted in the pathetic condition now.

The shocking news is inspite of having funds in the range of Rs 2.31 crores even single sapling was not planted so that macroclimate would be created. It is now said that this elephant village is in deplorable state and the situation is getting worse even more. It is clear that there are no water ponds for the elephants to drink water. Poor sanitation and blocked sewage lines are creating many issues for the elephants there.

In is shocking to hear that Rs 50 is being collected in the last six years from those who visit this place but even single rupee is not used in the welfare of these animals. It was initially thought that this place would give the elephants a natural shelter with well equipped veterinary hospital etc. Apart from that museum, cafeteria were also planned to be built for the tourists but the sad news is none of these facilities are present. Shocking!!

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