SAHIL BARUA, Delhivery


Sahil Barua is the founder of ecommerce logistics company called Delhivery. He is the man behind growing his 3 year old company to 400 percent every year. He with his co-founders started off as an offline delivery service company which would deliver flowers and food from the restaurants to the clients.

Soon, there was a trend of everything going online. Barua also got his company registered online and got his first client from fashion and beauty segment called This was the starting of a new journey to success and Barua could see a lot of potential in e-commerce.


Barua then soon started putting attention in e-commerce and the result is that Delhivery has now 950 e-commerce websites registered with it including the big giants like Flipkart. It also has six warehouses to its credit. Delhivery is present in 175 cities and is handling 90,000 shipments daily. Sahil Barua is expecting to grow very fast with a record breaking turnover of 220 crores this year. Last year the turnover was just 62 crores. Though a lot of players are also exiting from this market due to tough competition but Delhivery is hanging on there because it was one of the first few entrants and also because it also deals with non ecommerce companies which gives it an extra edge over the others.


Sahil Barua could foresee the growth in ecommerce selling and took the right step on the right time. He is aiming at covering the maximum range of products and shipping them for minimum cost and less possible amount of time. This is why Delhivery is growing with a sharp steep curve every year. Very few companies can register this kind of growth in the first few years. It is due to the foresight and risk taking ability of Sahil that Delhivery has come so far.

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