Sally Kettle makes inspirational visit to 12th Epsom Guides

Sally Kettle makes inspirational visit to 12th Epsom Guides
Pic: Twitter

The Guide Association is the largest voluntary organisation for women and girls with about 700,000 members.Multi talented ,former guide Sally Kettle is the only woman to have rowed the Atlantic Ocean twice earning the Guinness World Record!

Sally is an all rounder ,she is an Adventurer, speaker, event host, television presenter.She has also authored  the book ‘Sally’s Odd at Sea’, Sally is the numero uno woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with her mother!

All her adventures have been for social causes and she’s raised over £500,000 for charity.The charity helps the girls to change their futures for the better, and she is extremely proud to be part of it.

She has trekked across the Pyrenees.She has  created a documentary on the South Atlantic’s wildlife and also worked as a humanitarian aid worker.

Recently Sally Kettle visited 12th  Epsom Guide troop, to share stories of her adventures.She shared her courageous achievements thereby inspiring the Guides to embrace all their opportunities and to become  adventurous.Ms Kettle was a former Brownie, Guide and Young Leader, which has led her to provide continual support to the organisation and become an Ambassador for Girl guiding.Being a Brownie, Guide and Young Leader,Sally feels that women can achieve everything they want to.

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