Sam Walton: Motivational Life Journey of Walmart Founder

Sam Walton Motivational Life Journey of Walmart Founder

Sam Walton was born in a poor family in America.

His father faced financial crunch as a farmer and went into farm mortgaging.

It was around 1930’s when the world economy was severely hit and economic depression turned to be great depression for Walton family.

Sam Walton had to move from one place to another during his childhood due to financial reasons.

In order to help his family financially, Sam milked the family cow and supplied the surplus milk by bottling and delivering at customer place.

Once he delivered daily newspaper from one house to another.

Voted in his school as “Most Versatile Boy”, Sam sold magazine subscriptions also to feed his family.

While in college he did variety of jobs to earn money and meals.

While attending school he became youngest Eagle Scout in the state’s history.

Sam Walton started his career as a management trainee in famous company J. C. Penney.

For some time Walton worked in US Army also.

After leaving Army, Walton started his first store with his own saved money and some loan from his father-in-law.

Walton became successful as he setup his own procedures to make sure his stores have right quantity at right time.

Walton faced many challenges from setting up a first ordinary store to first Walmart store. He faced and handled the challenges upfront.

Walton with his hard work and focus was able to setup World’s most successful retain chain business.

His name was included in Time’s list of 100 most influential people of the 20th Century.

From 1982 to 1988 he was listed as America’s richest person by Forbes.

Though Walton died in the year 1992 but still his company is one of the biggest retail chain company in the world with presence over 10,000 locations.

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