Dr. Sambit Patra’s eloquent and rigorous self made life

Sambit Patra

One of the toughest things to ever do in life, especially here in India is to be associated with a political party. The end benefits of being a party associate or member are huge, both in terms of earnings and the greed for yearnings, but the benefits in kind, too, go a long way to lure many hundreds and thousands of people who come to hog some piece in India’s large and gargantuan Political-pie.

But, in real terms, away from strands of bias or prejudice, it would be nothing more than a misnomer to conclude that most of the people who are any political party member are there purely for their own purposes or self-vested interests. There are youth, and quite a few of those, namely, the likes of Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Aam Aadmi Party’s Vishwas Kumar who are here to evidently make a difference in the hitherto maligned and controversial morose of Indian polity.

Amidst the curiosity, complexity and decadence of a fast depleting Indian political system, the name of a certain Dr. Sambit Patra breathes in the much needed clarity of thought and unbiased political functioning that runs mostly on corrupt ideas and flawed ideologies.

Sambit Patra

Dr. Sambit Patra, who is years younger to the many aged, incapable and intellectually non-stimulating political aficionado’s, hailing from either sides of Indian politics’ mega rival parties, both the Congress and the celebrated Bhartiya Janta Party, has earned much respect and prominence for his verbal tapestry and a certain non-conformist essence in narrating the policies, plans and administrations of the ruling party in India: The Bhartiya Janta Party.

Dr. Sambit Patra’s hard earned and reflective political journey

Not everyone seems to be in awe of India’s youth, especially when the question of standing up for the country is concerned. People think the youth to be hollow, shallow, and often self-centered when it comes to understand and learn and even opine about a great country and world’s largest democracy in totality.

In these times, holding on to the post of the ruling political party of the country, one which currently in its reigns is breaking hard to escape the shackles of verbose promises and to word toward real development- becoming BJP’s official spokesperson isn’t an easy task. Nor is it a comfortable throne that beguiles the adversaries of the party of the idea that the spokesperson does nothing save that of sit comfortably in the confines of the party’s offices, in the politically vibrant and charged-up New Delhi.

Dr. Patra, hailing originally from Odisha, has made New Delhi his own from where he operates in the tectonic and actively whirlwind view of the BJP. He is one of the few eloquent, widely read and commanding speakers, who fundamentally from the direct desk responsibility of his position as the party’s spokesperson that requires him to defend and push for Modi Government’s agendas to the public, refrains to conform to the same with bias. On the other hand, Dr. Patra, a highly educated and qualified person delivers a worldly view, largely uncorrupted and un-maligned version of his party’s real acts, deeds, actions and policies that are implemented and enacted for the collective good of the country, sans any cherubic BJP pro bias.

Sambit Patra

The life of BJP’s Spokesperson

In 2006, Dr. Patra, who was 34 then started a popular NGO, named Swaraj. The fundamental aims of the NGO were to support the backward community in a highly prejudiced India; the Dalits, who have often been marginalized, literally looked down up and ignored when it comes to identifying them as part of the nation’s own and its national identity. Dr. Sambit Patra’s Swaraj NGO worked dedicatedly toward upholding, furthering and advancing the many key areas concerning the Dalit people’s socio-economic aspects in an everyday India, including issues like Healthcare and Cleanliness.

Swaraj under Dr. Patra’s auspices didn’t only do this, but went some extra yards ahead. It gathered an eclectic team of varied doctors, healthcare specialists, lawyers and even police-professionals who worked for the NGO under Dr. Patra’s close association and motivational aid to protect the cause of the often ignored and even berated- Dalits.

His versatile interests and involvements

40 year old Dr. Sambit Patra has come a long way from his youth days when he was just another common young man who dreamed big to make a difference in the tectonic political world of India’s great battlefield.

Dr. Sambit Patra, who his himself a capable doctor works to this day, often voluntarily alongside his extremely busy life as BJP’s important national spokesperson, taking a great part in many surgeries to help the poor and needy. It isn’t a loose or irrational goodwill gesture but Dr. Patra, one of the rare Indian youth leaders who wishes to do something different for the society’s good, continues to work in a Delhi based hospital, dividing time between party politics and for national social interests.

Using his esteemed position and clearly a good networking opportunity being associated with the Modi led BJP, Dr. Patra travels across the country to work for the emancipation of the Dalit’s where he wishes to create a nation-wide dalit movement the prime purpose of which would be engender the cause of a casteless society created in an India that is receptive to change and adjoined by many youngsters who work for society’s welfare.

We at MotivateMe.in regard and celebrate Dr. Sambit Patra’s meaningful journey and wish him well for all his endeavors.

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