Sanchit Kapoor: Scored a perfect 2400/2400

Sanchit Kapoor Scored a perfect 2400

Each individual has a special ability. Sanchit Kapoor, a multi-talented child is putting all efforts to strengthen his skills by practicing and focussing on it. This 15 year old multi-talented Indian boy, based in Dubai, has scored a perfect 2400/2400 in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and is on the way to achieve every career that he has intended to start. Sanchit Kapoor is a class 11 student at GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai and he topped class 10 board examination in his school as well as throughout UAE.

SAT is a standardized test which is widely used for college admission in the United States. The SAT exam this year was attended by 1.8 million students across the world in which writing, critical reading, and mathematical skills of high-school students were tested and test results are used for admissions into under graduate degree courses in US universities. Since last consecutive four years, Sanchit is representing UAE at the World Youth Scrabble Championship (WYSC). But the perfect score in SAT came as a surprise for Sanchit himself along with the positivity of moving one step closer to his dream of studying Software Programming and Computer Science Engineering at Stanford University.

The sum of his personality,  his leadership qualities, his participation in extra-curricular activities and non-academic initiatives, are important aspect along with his SAT score in achieving his dreams. The talent of this genius has a spark and is capable enough to utilise it to his full ability.

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