Sandeep Kumar beats odds to fly high

Sandeep Kumar beats odds to fly high

Sandeep Kumar is India’s first person with paraplegia to be employed in the aviation industry. Does it not astonish to hear this!!! But it is true…With his positive attitude, determination and will power Sandeep has overcome all the odds and now flying high with great self-confidence.

Sandeep Kumar became paraplegic at a young age of seven, when doctors gave him an expired penicillin injection. He remained in coma for nearly a year. When he came to conscious, he found he was paralysed below waist. The entire life was changed. Restricted to a wheelchair, he began to struggle to do everyday things. He was treated differently in the school by the students as well as the teachers. As there were no access ramps in the school his condition restricted him from doing many activities that he wanted to do.

His relatives told Sandeep’s father to discontinue his studies and open a small shop for him. But, Sandeep joined the school again and with family’s support and a positive mind, he continued his life with the same enthusiasm.

Sandeep did not blame the doctors or his fate. But with positive attitude, determination and will power, he started his life in wheelchair and crossed many levels.

He got bad grades in his 10th class. A friend told him that he would not be able to get a seat in IIT because of his disability. Though he could not get into any of the IITs, but he managed to get admission in a government college in Kanpur. From that day onwards, he did not stop his dreams to fly high and finally had found himself working in the aviation industry in the Capital.

Today, this 25-year-old man glides around on a wheelchair at Delhi airport – helping other people with disabilities.

Still, his dream has not yet stopped. He wants other aviation companies also to follow the path and hire people with disabilities. He runs an NGO called Ally Foundation, which focuses on empowering the disabled. He also is planning to participate in the national Paralympics in power lifting and wants to write a book, too.

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