Sangram Singh: Born as premature child, got rheumatoid arthritis and was in a wheel chair for 8 years is now successful Indian wrestler and actor


Life can give you trouble as long as you accept the defeat and give up. Some people are extraordinary. They don’t accept what life throws at them. They fight with courage and get success against all odds.

We all know Sangram Singh as young, handsome and charming actor and sportsperson. He has achieved all success in his life. But very few people would know that there’s lot of pain behind his success. It didn’t come so easy. He had to fight hard to get the success.

Sangram Singh was born as a premature child. At a very early age he got rheumatoid arthritis. He was stuck in a wheelchair for eight years.

In interview Sangram Singh said that “I have gone from that to becoming a wrestler representing my country. So I am a tough guy.”

He believes that a sportsperson is the biggest star for people. He has good look and body which is helping him for acting and modeling as well.

Great Sangram Singh!! Your efforts are an inspiration to many!!

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