Sanjay Dutt is a friend of friend: David Dhawan


Dhawan owe his success to Sanjay Dutt. The journey from being a editor to a director was not easy for David Dhawan. It was not so easy to get work despite being known so many people in Mumbai through his brother Anil Dhawan, actor. David Dhawan came to Mumbai with a bag in his hand and an aim to become a director and the journey started.

David Dhawan recalls his previous years in Mumbai and how he got his first direction break.

According to David Dhawan, he started editing for Bombay TV and stuck around and from then he edited a number of films including Love Story, Naam and Saraansh and his editing career goes on top as he became the favorite editor of Rajesh Khanna and Sanjay Dutt and it was Sanjay Dutt who asked him if he wants to become a director after seeing him editing his films and this is how his career got a jump because of Sanjay Dutt and since then, 41 films have been directed by him.

David Dhawan shares a special bond with Sanjay Dutt. To him, Sanjay Dutt is a friend of friend and he is always there for him and his family.

David Dhawan recalls that when he was no well and was in the hospital, Sanjay Dutt came to see him in tears and said that he can’t see him like this. He is a superb guy and everyone loves him.

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