Sanju Baba & Salman Bhai’s talk: You will die laughing after watching Screen Patti’s parody

Sanju Baba & Salman Bhai’s talk You will die laughing after watching Screen Patti’s parody

Sanjau baba is out from jail. Salman bhai has also been set free by court. Both of them can freely enjoy life now. Imagine if both of them are sitting together drinking and talking about their future plans? Obviously in their talk they will include something from their court / jail days’ experience.

Both of them are great stars. People love watching them. Both are stylish. They have their own style. In order to fulfill your wish you tube channel Screen Patti has made a funny spoof video where you will see duplicates of Sanju Baba and Salman Bhai talking over drinks. The way they talk and make the discussion logical, you will die laughing for sure.

A must watch for Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan Fans. Watch and enjoy. Also do share your views.


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