Sarada Kajaria Tewary is the founder of Mewamasala, online store for spices and dry fruits

Sarada Kajaria Tewary is the co founder of Mewamasala, a Kolkata based company, the first company in India focusing online business on dry fruits and spices. The lady wanted to keep up the quality and lower the price rate, so she came out with Mewamasala. The online store is presenting the products with some creativity effect.


The products of Mewamasala are best for occasional gifts as well. Sarada wanted to deliver health oriented product to people, she realized it had a better scope[e in the market; which led her to the foundation of Mewamasala. Sarada Kajaria thinks the most challenging part of the journey was that they started from scratch. Right from creating the product to marketing they travelled the journey step by step.

Sarada Kajaria is looking to expand her business from self investment plans to other areas of the country. The lady believes that the social media is one of the most important tools they use for marketing their products. She caters to the user requirement and believe in taking regular feedbacks from customers be it good or bad so that she can improve her business and come out with new strategies.

Mewamasala is a unique business venture started by Sarada Kajaria Tewary. The online store is one of its kinds and is being appreciated in the market. She has keen interest in learning more of designing and packaging stuff. She aims at delivering the quality products at best prices.

Mewamasala: website | facebook

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