Sash Walker- This woman drives motorcycle for long distances and is sensational and inspiring many now


Sash Walker has caught the attention of many now with her stupendous feat of motorcycle driving. It is now said that Sash Walker drives in her motorcycle long distances and is very happy about that.

In her autobiography titled ‘’ The Rude and Inspirational Biker Chick’’ Sash Walker has touched upon the great pleasure of riding bike for long distances and the magical and therapeutic experience she got from that. It is sensational to hear that this Sash Walker is highly talented and has excelled in writing, riding in addition to her poetry skills, online marketing and blogging.
Sash Walker expressed her thoughts about her driving motorcycle and said she was inspired by presence of many motorcycles in her house.

She also spoke about her painful past about her parents and their separated lives. According to Sasha her dad was instrumental in creating great interests in her in motorcycles now. She also spoke about how she got interests in bikes after many years and that from a man who would marry her. It was after getting Steve Johnson as her husband in her life she again took to riding bikes like she did during her younger days.

It is superb to note that the couple in the year 2012 was responsible for launching ‘’Too Much Tina’’ which is a motorcycle marketing and media firm. Came January 2013 she started to ride bikes again and surprised many with her skills. She and her husband Steve became cynosure of many eyes during their long two and half years trip of USA on bike. Awesome couple!!

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