Saurabh Nimbkar: A Guitarist who Raise Money for Cancer Patients

Saurabh Nimbkar

The world where we all live in is absolutely complex and brings lots of challenges to our lives but taking inspiration from challenges can be the most effective motivation behind activities that can help ourselves and also to many other who face same sorts of difficult situations in their lives. An inspirational story of 23-year-old Saurabh Nimbkar comes in same category. He regularly plays guitar and sings songs at least four times a week in a train from Ambernath to Dadar to Dombivali and all the money what he gets from regular passengers he give to a NGO that helps patients who does not have money for their treatments. It all started after his mother passed away due to cancer as he has been using his talent for collecting donations for the families of all the cancer patients in his limits since then.

Saurabh Nimbkar

Basically earlier when his mother was admitted there in hospital then he was used to of cheering people with his music and his mother also loved every bit of this act. In the process of his mother’s treatment Saurabh realized that cancer treatment is really expensive and there are so many families who desperately need financial support.

And after the death of his mother he decided that he will arrange funds for these patients regularly and then this idea came-up in his mind. But regularly doing this has not been very easy for him as there were many who opposed his idea of playing guitar in moving train. But he never feel disgraced due to any humiliation as he knows his cause is way more ahead than few people’s sick and impeding mindset. Sometimes he is also accompanied by his friend. Saurabh who also works in quality control department of a pharmaceutical company is effectively teaching everyone that motivation to help other can let us find so many ways if we genuinely want to do so; the only important thing for that is to have perseverance and a constructive zeal.

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