Sensational news- a beggar contributes his 1.15 lakh money in building pigeon homes in Gujarat

Sometimes many amazing things happen in this world that catches all our attention. One such news that had created impact is regarding a beggar contributing money in building pigeon homes. Incredible isn’t it!!


Bihari lal Mahadevi temple in Bhuj, Gujarat is famous and many people visit this temple to get darshan of the goddess. A priest named Mauni Baba has been serving the goddess for many years. It is said that some forty three years ago a mentally challenged person came to the temple and Baba offered him tea.

To Baba’s surprise that beggar gave him some amount for the tea. It is known that many people come and offer money for the goddess and beggars get money from the people who visit this temple. A beggar giving money is unimaginable and that surprised Baba. That was just the beginning of this beggar named Poppat visiting this temple. Later he started visiting the temple each and every day and used to give amount for the tea given for him.

It is said that since the year 1973 this Poppat was coming to the temple and all these years this beggar was giving amount to this priest Mauni Baba. This amount had swelled to staggering Rs 1.15 lakhs over the years.

It must be noted that this huge amount of money would be used for a good cause now that is to build pigeon towers named chabutro. This chabutro is present in the Gujarat villages and is a tower with pentagonal shaped structures at the top. It is interesting to note that at the top enclosure there are many holes available so that the pigeons can take rest from the scorching sun above.

It is said that these structures are present at the entrance point of the village and are used by pigeons mostly. One amazing thing is Poppat’s name would be engraved on the chabutro so that his name would remain there for years.

The greatness of this priest has come out by his superb work of keeping the amount given by the beggar for many years and using that money for building pigeon homes. Superb work!!

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